I was born in the booming metropolis of Granite City, IL.  Granite City is roughly a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon's throw away from St. Louis, MO.  My youth was spent in Kansas City, KS and I, to this day, have yet to move very far from there.  Whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, my answer was one of three things: an astronaut, a rock star, or a firefighter.  Well, NASA never returned my calls and my six string rock star dreams fizzled shortly after high school.  Fortunately I settled in as a firefighter in the mid-nineties and have been riding on the big red truck ever since.

As a child my parents would pack six of us into a sedan, folded into positions that would make a yoga master jealous, and drive us from Kansas to Florida, Texas, California... the furthest possible reaches of the country.  We didn't seem to mind, though, and I suppose that is where I acquired my desire to see the world outside of my neighborhood.   

Fast forward to my mid-twenties when I took a vacation that changed my life forever.  I flew across the ocean to visit a friend whose husband had been stationed in Puerto Rico.  I stepped out onto their patio in Fajardo and looked out at a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea.  I was completely taken.  In a blinding moment of clarity the world suddenly became accessible and I wanted it.  I didn't want to read about it.  I wanted to experience it with all of my senses.  A lust for travel was born that I have yet to contain.  The lure of the horizon was and is a constant force in my life that draws me into places and ventures that I couldn't begin to pre-conceive.  I seek it out as often as it seeks me.  I began to document my adventures on my blog:  Lure of the Horizon, thus giving birth to a love affair with writing.

My family and friends, who are an amazing mix of pirates and angels, provide the foundation and support that allows me to create, grow, explore, and plunder.  I couldn't do what I do or be who I am without them.  Writing has become my passion and I sincerely appreciate you following along and being a part of it all.